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We Offer Quality Bathtub Refinishing in Baltimore, MD
At Top Glaze, we offer quality bathtub refinishing services in Baltimore, Maryland. We specialize in installing performance and safety coatings, and pride ourselves on our professional service. We can restore your bathtub to its former glory with our bathtub refinishing services. Call us today to learn at what Top Glaze can do for you. We offer the lowest prices on quality bathtub refinishing work.
How Bathtub Finishing Works
Bathtub refinishing, which is also known as bathtub resurfacing, re-glazing, or re-enameling, is the process of reviving a damaged tub.
During the bathtub refinishing process, damaged areas are typically repaired first, using a polyester putty or similar substance. After the putty is installed, it is scrubbed or prepped with an acid etching process. This helps create a strong bond with our special primer and the bathtubs pre-existing porcelain. We then finish the job with our special durable Top Glaze protective coatings.
Our durable finish is chemically resistant and keeps its shine for years. Call us today for a free estimate.
We are Professional Contractors You Can Trust
Top Glaze is a longtime bathtub refinishing company and a Professional Bathtub Refinishers Associate (PBRA) since 2013. We are pride ourselves on our professionalism and believe that first impressions are important. That is why we offer fully trained uniformed technicians and guarantee no sub contractors will be used on your commercial bathroom or home improvement project.
We also believe that the bathtub repair process is a partnership. Our skilled technicians will give you honest feedback and advice while leaving the final decision making up to you. We are also one of the few places that offers top quality coatings (ceramic, anti-slop, non-wax) for new and existing surfaces such as wood, granite, glass, and more.

Call us today to set up an appointment or for more information about our low prices.

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